Puxxel Free Full Game

Puxxel Free Full Game Puxxel Free Full Game Puxxel Free Full Game Puxxel Free Full Game

Puxxel is a game about pixels and puzzles and rotations and more pixels. The goal is to recreate the image by firing pixels and rotating the game space. There are a total of fifteen puzzles to complete, five in each category (easy, medium, hard). Additionally, each puzzles has a time challenge, where the objective is to beat the designated time. There are a total of nineteen trophies to achieve, some easy and others relatively difficult.

AD — Left/Right
W — Fire Pixel
QE — Rotate Counter-clockwise/clockwise
S — Show image hint
Shift — Pause Menu

Game designed & developed by BitZero (@BitZero)
Music composed by Patrick Moriarty (pataroose.tumblr.com)

The concept behind Puxxel was originally designed back in May for the lowrez jam; however, I had virtually zero free time during the month so I wasn't able to complete it in time. That said, I didn't want to abandon the game as I liked the game concept, so I spent the last half of June and all of July to finish up development of the game. This is also my first dive into HTML5 development (although simplified by GameMaker: Studio), so the HTML5 version of the game may be somewhat unstable. If you're having problems with it, the windows executable should work fine.

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