RetroQ RetroQ

Retro Q is all about Quirky retro style graphics. Some sounds can occur during the game, but that's not the point is it?
Once you get the hang of it, this game will turn you into a typing frenzic! Some bad spirit cubes are coming to get you, and you need to shoot your way out. They are all around you, claustrophobics beware.

Dodge bullets, strafe, and shoot back at the same time! If you're up to it. Shoot & move as fast as you can at the same time if you're aiming for big points. If you can't, well then the bad spirit cubes, are going to enjoy mauling your spirit cube

A: Enemy shadow positions
B: Slow them all (only the active ones)
C: Block Enemy movement (they are still firing)
D: Enemy can harm each other (no player points given)
E: Auto-Fire
F: 1key Fire all directions
Y: Health (+55)
G: Slow Bullets
H: Bullet attack (48 bullets fired from both left and right sides of screen, can't hurt you)
I: Turn random enemy into a good soul (with 250 health)
J: Disease (everybody you touch is diseased and loses 2HP per sec. + 20HP per sec. while in touch)

- Addictive
- Retro style
- Unique gameplay
- More then 10 cool bonuses


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