Rising Eagle: Futuristic Infantry Warfare v1.2.5


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Rising Eagle: Futuristic Infantry Warfare redefines the pace and gameplay of multiplayer tactical shooters. Set in 2040, gamers participate in the conflicts of tomorrow in urban and open field infantry combat. Equipped with exoskeleton suits, C&C systems and an obscene amount of fire power go visit your dream locations: Paris and China, and then blow them to pieces! (You can bring your buddies too).

This newest version of Rising Eagle includes:

Rising Eagle V1.2.5 Change Log
- Added a wicked small level to the Paris, France campaign called "The Yard" (Thanks for Asaf Livne for helping out).
- Requested by gamers: Added new medals and awards levels: now there are four levels of position awards instead of one level, six levels of weapon master awards instead of one level, two medal levels for all medals instead of one.
- Requested by gamers: Added true Auto-Run (can be toggled by pressing the "L" key while playing).
- Requested by gamers: Pressing the space-bar key while crouching or in prone will now change character position to stand.
- Requested by gamers: Added capability to run while in Zoom mode.
- Requested by gamers: Twicked mouse movement while in Zoom mode to be faster.
- Requested by gamers: Added Burst fire capability to all assault rifles (Press "H" to toggle between single, burst and auto).
- Requested by gamers: Added EMP-Kit to all positions. The EMP-Kit enables gamers hit by EMP to reboot and restore their HUD (by Pressing
- Requested by gamers: Added Turrets to all levels.
- Requested by gamers: Changed all turrets security level to 3 or 4 (no more easy hacking!)
- Requested by gamers: Suppressed sniper file now kills with a single headshot.
- Requested by gamers: Grenade throwing is now faster.
- Requested by gamers: Server Kill messages now include info regarding the type of weapon used and whether it was a headshot.
- Added flag bar that is shown when one side controls all flags and indicates the time left until victory (upper left corner of screen, on the right side of the mini map).
- Added mild camera movement while shooting.
- Menus revamped - now cleaner and more clear. Player position now shows ammo and weapons available per position.
- Rising Eagle data is ready to receive the upcoming Israel Vs. Iran levels.
- Added "Clan of the Week" billboard. This feature enable gamers from around the world to view the best clan of the week and their members nickname on huge billboards throughout the levels. A "Best clan of the Week" award is given to clans that participate in tournaments.
- Animation system performance optimizations.
- various bug fixes throughout the game.

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