Robot Wars Free Full Game

Robot Wars Free Full Game Robot Wars Free Full Game Robot Wars Free Full Game Robot Wars Free Full Game

The wait is over, RobotWars full release is up and running! Here is just a few of its new features since the demo;

• New respawn GUI screen – when you are killed you have to wait 5 second until you respawn.
• Added lighting to the arenas
• Updated pickup placements
• Made changes to help resolve network latency issues
• Ice beam lag issues fixed
• New textures on asteroids
• Name games have custom server names
• More bugs crushed!

"You have been programmed for one thing and one thing only ... Combat! It is your responsibility to defeat and demonstrate your supreme hardware over the other robots and be victorious!"Robot Wars is a first person shooter game that involves mechanical robots and laser beams. It is a four person death match arena game, with the ability to use 3 unique types of laser weaponry as well as other secondary abilities.

The game is a zip.

A - Move Left
D - Move Right
W - Move Forward
S - Move Backwards
Mouse - Look Around
Space Bar - Jump
Right Mouse Button – Boost
Left Mouse Button - Shoot Laser
Left Mouse Button (hold) - Charge Laser (only first laser)
#1, #2, #3 - Switch Lasers
E - Force Field
R - Smoke Screen

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