Ruin Hacker Free Full Game

Ruin Hacker Free Full Game Ruin Hacker Free Full Game Ruin Hacker Free Full Game Ruin Hacker Free Full Game

"A shadow looms over the small Kingdom of Nohrica and not even the Burgmarkian Guard seems capable of dealing with all the turmoil threatening the once peaceful country.

There are a thousand stories coming from far away places about the Hackers, powerful mercenaries ready to face any challenge (... for a generous payment!).

It seems as good a time as any to test the veracity of those legends!"

Game Information

Ruin Hacker is a tactical role-playing game focused on party and equipment management and also treasure hunting.

Taking control of a band of adventurers, you must complete a number of quests to progress through the game. Instead of maps featuring large scale battles, every quest will challenge you to progress through different areas divided in smaller sections with the aim to complete each quest's objective.

Most weapons, armors and valuable items are randomized and obtainable by defeating enemies, finding treasures and as quest rewards. Consequently, all quest can be repeated and each area offers different branching paths.

Game Features

• Assemble your party wisely and guide them to victory!
• Master your skills to succeed in challenging tactical battles!
• Several characters (classes) to recruit and train!
• Randomized loot! Including treasures, weapons, armors and quest rewards.
• Branching paths! Revisit previous cleared quests to fully explore each area.


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