Sector 10 Free Full Game


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After killing Captain Pąs in Sector 9 you get arrested and go to jail, however then you become bored of sitting around in a jail cell and decide to escape. After escaping you'll see many strange occurrences, teleporters to other worlds, weird creatures, the destruction of your house - that's what awaits you in the game.

Sector 10 is of course, a sequel to Sector 9 - probably one of the worst games i have ever made, which only consisted of slightly modified example levels from FPS Creator.

The game is basically a typical classic run & gun shooter with 8 levels which will take you around 40-60 minutes to complete, gather a big arsenal of 8 weapons, from a pea shooting revolver to a powerful minigun!
Also travel through many locations, from a prison complex to an alien world, to a destroyed city!

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