Slayers Slayers Slayers

'Slayers' is an on-line RPG. It is a totally different product from traditional R.P.G titles centered on levels. 'Slayers', which depicts the Slayers fighting alone against the strong magic world, uses magic reflecting an oriental sense of value, breaking away from the accidental fictional magic and adopting the principle of Sangseng-Sanggeuk (Harmony-Disharmony) among Earth, Water, Fire, and Wind.

Another innovation of the game is its distance from the idea that the Slayers should always stand in the side of the good, it reflects the traditional philosophy of the 'natural consequence of one's own deed', that is that good or evil is only evaluated according to the players' behaviors.

Slayers, which enhanced itself to upper grade of on-line games with its colorful graphics and diversified contents, shows the journey seeking the truth inside the players themselves, which is neither absolute good nor absolute evil.
Players will find great interest in creating their character on their own, incorporating their own features in their own personalized character.


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