Something Changed My Neighbors - Episode One Free Full Game


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You wake up to a warning on your TV and are forced to survive a horrible zombified nightmare.

Something Changed My Neighbors - Episode One: Last Night Alive

This game is largely inspired by the classic "Zombies Ate My Neighbors." It's not hard to tell the game is drastically different, but you will find the similarities appealing if you were a fan of ZAMN. I would love to push the art style more towards what ZAMN was similar to; we will most likely see this happen at some point in one of the future episodes.

There is various guns and items out in the game world. There is an objective you can find that will lead to you successfully escaping. As you survive and find out where more items are you will have greater success. Choke points are key. If it's too hard make sure you have the latest version and try it with the character from episode 2 (selectable from menu) He has more health and starts with an AK.

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