Star Legion Free Full Game

Star Legion Free Full Game Star Legion Free Full Game Star Legion Free Full Game Star Legion Free Full Game

Join the fleet in taking the battle to the enemy, and dogfight for supremacy in the stars!

"Star Legion" is a 2D sci-fi space shooter. Clash against enemy fleets in multiple game modes including six battle game modes and the Star Control strategic game mode.

1. Requirements:
• Windows (32- or 64-bit)
• Keyboard
• Mouse

2. Installation:
The executable "Star Legion.exe" must be in the same directory as the folder "Star Legion_Data". The game is played by running the executable. The executable can optionally be launched from a shortcut.
When running the game, the Unity Launcher will appear. Only window and monitor configuration will impact gameplay from this launcher. Press "Play" when ready to start the game.

3. How to Play
See README.txt or in-game menus for controls.
Starting a Skirmish Battle:
From the Main Menu, select "Skirmish." The drop-down menu labeled "Objecitve" allows you to select from various objective types (see "Game Modes" below for details). Each game mode has sliders to configure in game properties such as team forces, station strength, and time allowed. Once the game has been configured, click "Start Battle" to start the game.

Starting a Star Control Campaign:
From the Main Menu, select "Star Control." The setup screen for Star Control features a number of sliders used to setup the game:
• Planets: How many planets are in the cluster
• Planet Income: Funds per turn for each planet controlled
• Loss Consolation: Funds awarded to a player after losing control of a planet
• Attacks Per Turn: Limit on attacks made during the Attack Phase
• Moves Per Turn: Limit on deployments made during the move Phase
Press "Start Campaign" to begin the game. See "How to Play Star Control" for help playing the game.

How to Play Star Control:
At the start of the game, teams take turns claiming planets. Once all planets have been claimed, the game begins. Each turn in the game occurs in three phases: the Buy Phase, the Attack Phase, and the Move Phase.

At the beginning of the Buy Phase, the team is awarded its full per-turn income. These funds can be used during this phase to upgrade space stations and deploy forces to fleets.

During the Attack Phase, teams may make a limited number of attacks against enemy planets. Planets are captured when all defending forces are defeated. After capturing a planet, half of the attacking force moves to occupy the new territory.
Attackers are not required to destroy defending space stations, but stations still provide meaningful support to defending ships. A team wins the overall campaign by capturing all planets in the cluster.

During the Move Phase, teams may make a limited number of deployments to reinforce key locations in preparation of enemy attacks or to further their own advances.

Screenshots are saved as SCREENSHOT_#.png where # is the number of the screenshot in sequential order. Screenshots are saved to the folder "Star Legion_Data" in the same directory as the game executable "Star Legion.exe".

4. Game Modes
Two-Station Battle:
Two fleets meet in combat. Achieve victory by eliminating the opposing forces or destroying the opposing team's space station.
One-Station Attack/Defense:
Defenders will attempt to wipe out the attacking forces while the attacking forces attempt to either destroy the defending space station or eliminate the defending fleet's forces. The number of forces for each side can be set independently from the game mode's configuration menu.
Select "One-Station Attack" to play as attackers or "One-Station Defense" to play as defenders.
Zone Control:
Two fleets seek to control an area at the center of the battlefield. Neither team has the support of a space station. Teams gain points by occupying the control zone without any contesting enemy presence. When time runs out, the team with more points wins.
Elimination Dogfight:
Two fleets meet in combat without the support of space stations. Eliminate all of the other team's forces to win.
Timed Dogfight:
Two fleets meet in combat without the support of space stations. Whichever team has the most kills win time runs out wins.

5. Known Bugs & Issues
Lingering particle effects in Star Control: Some particle effects (from engines, projectiles, or explosions) may linger briefly after exiting a battle and returning to the strategic view in Star Control.
See Contact section to report bugs and other issues.

6. Credits
Game developed by Hannah J Murphy, 2019.
Music, sound effects, and some base planet textures by Eric Matyas (
Full credits are listed in the game. From the Main Menu, select "Credits."


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