Tango Strike

Tango Strike Tango Strike

An evil Tango army has risen to power, and it is up to your small team of secret agent operatives to shut them down. Johnson, the weapons expert; Vasquez, the firesupport; and Miles, the infiltration specialist, work together, each bringing a unique component to the team, insuring success.

Collect cash by successfully completing missions to outfit your team with better weaponry and special items. Each agent can carry a primary assault weapon, a secondary sidearm, and additional specialized gear.

An indepth mission briefing before each mission visually shows you your objectives, and the required gear for the operation, through a well narrated, and sometimes silly storyline.

Successful completion of a mission, charts your skill, rewarding you bonus cash for exceptional ability in assault, stealth, teamwork, and speed. Gaining perfect in all four categories, unlocks secret weapons, codes, and levels.

A lengthy tutorial teaches new-comers how to survive in the field, down to the last detail of gameplay and strategy. This game won't be easy, but at least you'll start off prepared.

16 large, varying levels challenge the player's strategy and weapon using abilities. Each successive level brings new challenge and unique gameplay. Plan out your mission with your minimap, use the strengths of your team to your advantage, and gear up appropriatly if you want to survive.


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