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Imagine playing tetris under influence of LSD, but without the LSD :) You can actually choose between different player setups (one player, two player, two pit or tetripz android), several drugs (coffee, ganja, 2cb, lsd, dmt) and the dose of this drug. When you start to play, you'll see tetris as if you actually had taken this drug ....

And tetripz does have music ... actually, there are eleven different songs inside this -100k exe. Every level is completely music synchronised, with the screen bumping up and down, rotating, zooming, lenzes or lights moving over, beautiful graphics and cewl music-synchro. Microsecond timed keys. And of course, still a lot of game play ... objects twiddle on your screen, bonuses for points, lines of mana effects ... you can still do those horrible things to your oppenent (heehehe) ... swap his keys, rotate his pit like hell ... just collect some mana power ... but, be careful that he doesn't mirror your effect...

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