Axan Ships Low Poly Free Full Game


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Axan Ships - Low Poly is a fully functional, low poly version of Axan Ships game: Roguelike with RTS camera and 3d view of the galaxy

Ship Module System
• Better modules are procedurally developped
• Modules need energy from generators
• Modules get broken during battles
• Modules get old and less reliable

Witness System
• When a pirate attacks, ships around become witnesses
• After time, everyone knows last place of the attack

Combat System
• Shield points. Shields get dented on impact
• No health points but statuses of a ship
• Two mechanics for rockets
• Two mechanics for lasers

• Permadeath
• Relations with computer players based on favours and betrayals
• Advanced optimization towards many units in realtime
• Radar
• Micromanaging but focusing on interesting things

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