Marathon Trilogy for Free from Bungie


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Bungie has released its Marathon Trilogy for free. Anyone curious to find out how Bungie convinced Microsoft to put so much into the Halo franchise, will be interested in these games which, in another MS related twist, was Mac only. Yes, Microsoft gave its flagship XBox title to a company that had previously made a Mac-only game.

Although the game was originally Mac-only, the games have been modified so that PC owners can also enjoy them. Bungie offers absolutely no support for those trying the games on PC and be sure you have the patience and know-how before you attempt to play the games. You can find a website offering extensive, step-by-step instructions by following the download tab above. Please also make sure you read the Bungie FAQ on the official release website.

Marathon is a series of first-person shooter games released for the Macintosh in the 1990's by Bungie, the company now best known for Halo. The series includes:

- Marathon
- Marathon 2: Durandal
- Marathon Infinity

The games have often been praised for their immersive and engaging story.

To get the Marathon Trilogy follow the download

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