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Tremulous is a hybrid first-person shooter/real-time strategy game featuring teams of aliens and humans. The object of the game is to wipe out the opposing team's spawn points and all of their players. Both teams may build new spawn points and other structures by spending "build points" that are pooled together for a team and are recovered only when a structure is destroyed.

It is recommended that new players do NOT build until they have a gained a good understanding of the entire game. Reading the full manual is a must for this. Players may improve themselves by spending funds earned from killing enemies and spawn points, with more powerful enemies being more valuable. The process for upgrading is different for each team (see below). A player's funds are shown in the bottom right corner of the HUD.
When a team accumulates enough kills as a whole it advances to a higher stage where more structures and better abilities are available to its players. Check the scoreboard to see where your team is at.

If a player survives for two minutes without earning any funds they will be given complementary funds as a reward for not "feeding" the other team.

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