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Have a bone to pick with a friend? A score to settle with a stranger? Tunnel & Toil is a fast paced, two-player platformer which places you in the shoes of two globular characters, the avatars of your competitiveness who you will need to navigate through dangerous dungeons, avoid deadly traps, and most importantly, stay ahead of your opponent. With 5 hand-crafted levels designed in a pixel art style, your race will lure you deeper and deeper beneath the grass and trees, until through the sunken dinge, one will emerge the victor.

Key Features:

• Two opponents, one keyboard, use W,A,D and Up, Left, Right keys to maneuver through the twisting caverns.
• Race through 5 sprawling dungeons, hand-crafted in retro, pixel art fashion as you slowly descend towards the darkest depths.
• Choose how you win, will you navigate the burrows and reach the end first? or will you trek the lesser trodden passages in search of pickups to steal the lives from your opponent? How you win, the choice lays with you...
• With each level won, you come one step closer to victory as your runic markings flood with light. When all three pulse aglow, the sweet notes of victory shall be yours as the poor fool beside you wallows in defeat.

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