Vivid Conceptions


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Vivid Conceptions is a platform game unlike anything you've seen before. In it, you play the role of the last surviving Bantam, a creature that predated even the dinosaurs but was almost invisibel to the naked eye. It's your job to journey across the underground in search of the last refuge on the planet...

Along the way you will be able to upgrade your Bantam, from creating a shield to thwart enemies to using cerebral control that will allow you to move objects where you need them to go. You will even be able to asexually reproduce, and control the offspring that can do even more than the older Bantam.

Bantams are also able to dream with amazing accuracy, almost as if they're training in their sleep for the reality they awake in. And you'll get to control them in that as well, which include increasingly harder and harder platforming bits.

Half puzzle, half platformer. Don't miss it.

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