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Westbang initially looks like a top of the line game made for the the ZX-Spectrum or some other older computer but it is much more than that.
The game has taken the classic Western shooter idea and has incorporated a dazzling variety of new graphic, visual and sound effects.

Features Include:

- An animated movie-like introduction.

-25 missions based on the story of a nobody who became a legend. Try your skills in campaign mode, from an easy beginning to a total carnage in the finale.

-Meet over 20 characters and see if you can face hordes of street roughnecks or lone but damn quick profit killers.

-The movie intro and music score are guaranteed to get you into the Wild Wild West mood.

-A secret level made for a those who have a little bit of a cruel sense of humour.


-Included is a full description of data files, that will help you modify everything in the game or add as many levels as you wish, just in case you find the original campaign too short or easy for you. Do you want to shoot some of your friends? Nothing is easier, just scan their photos and make them desperados in Westbang

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