To Azimuth

To Azimuth To Azimuth To Azimuth To Azimuth
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In To Azimuth, players take on the role of Susannah or Nate in their search for Eli. Each character has their own separate story, though the narratives of each intersect and intertwine in many ways. To Azimuth is, at its heart, an adventure game. Much of the game will entail exploring environments and rummaging about to look for pieces of information and clues, many of which will be locked behind environmental puzzles rooted in real-world logic. How deep players want to go into this exploration is up to them; a lot of information will be hidden in the self-contained environments (and not all of it necessarily true), but much of it can be ignored if the player would rather main-line the story. Choosing to ignore all of this evidence will have an effect on the game's story, though.

The game will contain a sizeable amount of dialogue, with essentially every line spoken by the player character presented as a choice. Through these dialogue choices, as well as through decisions made outside of dialogue, players shape Susannah and Nate into their own unique take on the character. This will affect the story of the game in subtle ways; while it may not always completely change the outcome, it will color the story very differently based on the way that the characters are being played.