Married in Red Free Full Game

Married in Red Free Full Game Married in Red Free Full Game Married in Red Free Full Game Married in Red Free Full Game Married in Red Free Full Game

Married in Red is a short 2D RPG thriller-story game with visual novel and point-and-click elements set in South Korea that follows the story of Bok-su Go visiting her old friend from University, Da-jeong Choi, on her wedding day. 

:: 30+ CGs + 8 maps
:: Classic RPG Horror type gameplay with
to-do list/objective-style puzzles
:: Character-driven story with 3.5k+ of dialogue
:: Original soundtrack

:: About 30~45 minutes

:: 1
(+ Different dialogues and brief game overs)

:: TWs include: 
death, graphic blood, gore, violence,  disturbing imagery and audio.

There may be heavy spoilers in the comments section of this page,
try your best to avoid it until finishing the game!

How to Install:

1. Download the Married in Red.ZIP file

2. Extract the said downloaded file

3. Open the extracted folder 

4. Click the program called "Game" (NOT  Game.exe!)


For Mac Users only, in order for your game to run properly you must:

1. Drag and drop the "Game" file from the extracted folder into the applications folder

2. Go to the applications folder and control-click the "Game" file (Keep trying and it'll eventually let it run.)

3. Open and play!

If you get an error message upon playing,  try putting the entire zip folder in Desktop, unzip, then drag only the Game app outside the folder to Desktop. If the screen turns to pitch black, close and restart!  Keep trying to launch (even if it continues to crash) and eventually it will let you play.

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