Broken Echoes

Broken Echoes Broken Echoes Broken Echoes Broken Echoes

Broken Echoes is an action-adventure game that will take you through the story of Lea, a girl whose memory has been erased and her arm corrupted by an unknown contraption, changing her destiny forever.

After acquiring mysterious new powers, she will be forced to seek answers on the devastated island where she once knew peace.

● Immerse yourself in a gripping story that blends personal introspection and conflict. Would you fight for your life as you once knew it, or protect the fate of the world?
● Fight against hordes of corrupted beings consumed by the deepest darkness through a Hack n' Slash combat system.
● Explore the island's secrets and unveil a hidden story.
● Fight and create new combos to beat formidable foes that will test your reflexes.

1. Combat System:

Lea is capable of controlling time and space due to the mystical artifact embedded in her arm. Experience full control of a high-paced, dynamic combat system:

● Timeslinger: Use a short sword to quickly dispatch combos and avoid slow attacks from foes.

Gauntlet Skill: Time Parry - Slows time when triggered during the enemies' attacks. Unleash a distortion wave after parrying enemies with the gauntlet!

● Spaceshifter: Use a greatsword to perform heavy slashes and inflict massive damage in exchange of mobility.

Gauntlet Skill: Juggernaut Punch - Launch a spiritual punch at your enemies and teleport to their location to finish them with a definitive blow!

2. The world
Explore the broken island, a realm formed from the shattering of Lea's childhood home across space and time .
Beaches, grass fields, valleys and villages are some of the sweeping landscapes that you will travel to through during your journey.
The island was the cradle of an ancient civilization. There, you might find ruins depicting old history, that should not be forgotten.

3. The story

This is the story of Lea, a young guardian who wakes up after a great calamity devastated her native island. Now, she must figure out what happened to her hometown, her mentor and this new broken world.

By the grace of fate, she encounters an artifact of great power to fight the emerging corruption, channeling world breaking abilities that alter space and time.

Broken Echoes' story is told through:

Multiple motion captured cinematics, with intense action moments.
Lea's hand-drawn diary, where she records her adventure and her own thoughts.

Uncover the mystery that left the world in such a catastrophic state.

What happened? Who caused it?

Play Broken Echoes and find out!