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ĐiệnWorlds is a management/sim/strategy game in which you place wires and other components to power houses and businesses, to (in turn) make money from them and (hopefully) make a profit. At its core, ĐiệnWorlds follows the rules of the cellular automaton Wireworld (created by Brian Silverman in 1987). For flavor and for gameplay purposes, other rules and overarching mechanics have been added.

The game has a general "goal" of making money and avoiding high debt, but other than this, it invites the player to discover strategies, arrangements, and setups that work best in their situation. As the developer, I don't even know what kinds of strategies (if any) are "optimal" - but I think that an important element of what makes these types of games fun is this kind of exploration. The underlying Wireworld-like simulation is fun to interact with as well - I'd like to think the game has a certain mathematical "depth" to it. In general, testers have found both the game's micro- and macro- mechanics to be addicting and engaging.

IMPORTANT: This game has no tutorial. we would highly recommend reading the ĐiệnWorldsInstructions PDF, found in the main download .zip (or viewable at the link below) to learn how to play (at the very least, consult the "In-Game Controls" and "Starting your first game" sections).