Giant Blobs From Mars

Giant Blobs From Mars Giant Blobs From Mars Giant Blobs From Mars Giant Blobs From Mars

You are a Giant Blob From Mars who has arrived on Earth to devour the planet's rich land resources. Strategically place your first blob and then gain energy by eating land, including farms, forests, hills, villages and more! Each land tile offers a certain amount of energy resources which you may use to continue multiplying and spreading your blobs around the environment. Try to consume every bit of land leaving nothing untouched! Advance through a series of levels of increasing difficulty. Keep your Blob alive as long as you can by consuming the planet in an orderly fashion.

The music of this game features a soothing acoustic guitar ambience that draws the player into the game keeping you clicking for hours as you lose track of time. Giant Blobs From Mars is meant to be played as a casual time-wasting game for those moments when you just want to sink into a game without a whole lot of strain on the brain. Just sit back, enjoy the music and click to consume land tiles to keep your blob alive and advance to the next level of difficulty.