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In the shadowy corridors of the underworld, Agent K was a figure spoken of in hushed tones—a cold, emotionless enigma. Renowned for his surgical precision in "pulling a hit," he struck with ruthless efficiency, leaving no room for remorse.

However, when Agent K disappeared without a trace for a week, the underworld trembled with uncertainty. Whispers spread like wildfire, weaving tales of his whereabouts. 

As the rumors swirled, a narrative emerged—one that dared to probe the depths of Agent K's stoic facade. Could it be love, that most unexpected of emotions, that had caused this unparalleled hitman to falter?

Or perhaps it was the allure of wealth, the promise of riches beyond imagination, that had tempted him to deviate from his solitary path?

But what if the truth was far darker—a tale of grief and heartbreak that threatened to shatter the very foundation of his existence?

The most absurd among them suggested he had become a parent—a notion deemed ludicrous for someone of his caliber.

But what if it wasn't so far-fetched?

Could a man like Agent K, whose heart seemed as ice-cold as his resolve, harbor the capacity to care for another human being, let alone a child?

Enter the world of Hitman Papa, where the lines between duty and compassion blur, and where Agent K must navigate the treacherous waters of childcare while grappling with the demons that haunt his mind.

Join us as we unravel the enigma of Agent K and discover the truths that lie hidden beneath his steely exterior. 

Game Description


A seasoned hitman can handle a firearm with precision, dispatch enemies without a second thought, and vanish into the shadows undetected. But caring for a child? It's a whole different game. Diaper changes don't come with a manual like loading ammunition, and feeding a baby isn't as straightforward as pulling a trigger. Can Agent K, Kai, pull off this unexpected role? Experience Kai's juggling act between his deadly profession and the challenges of childcare in this high-stakes narrative!


Jinx Breaker - The player starts in an unfavorable condition

Kai will need to take care of Summer before he goes on a mission. Summer is quite fussy, so if you don't fulfill her requests fast enough, it will cost you 10 HP in Battle Mode! Calming down a baby is quite a feat!

Better Call Saul - Create a game that combines two types of games

You have two roles. As Agent K the Hitman, you will play a survival action game. As Kai the Papa, you will play a babysitting game. It's hard being a working single dad.

Dewa Kipas - Implement a not-too-smart AI

In Battle Mode, once your enermy see you, they will lock you as a target and ignore their usual path in order to chase and eliminate you. Their speed will increase too.


General Instruction

Use fullscreen for the best experience

Arrow Key: Move right, left, jump

Space Bar: Shoot or interact with objects

Mouse: Pushing buttons


Nursery Mode

Fulfill baby Summer's request before the timer runs out. You can get the needed objects by interacting with furnitures with green arrows. Then, you bring the objects to her. 

Careful, when the timer runs out, you will lose energy. Kai lose 10 HP to calm Summer down.  It will impact your HP in BATTLE MODE.

Battle Mode

You are on a mission to eliminate a target, tagged with a crown icon. Stay vigilant, the target will come with bodyguards who is tagged with a red arrow, Avoid getting too close to them.   Bodyguards are not your only threat. Keep an eye out for landmines. They are fatal.

Your weapon is one-hit-kill, but it is a close range weapon. You need to get close to the enermies to shoot them