Elections seen with a gamers eye

Well it's almost election time and the two major candidates are struggling in order to get a lead or find some issue about which they do have an opinion. As it is obvious the world of gaming has also fallen victim to the greedy, blood soaked claws of the two competitors. One side claims it will censor all games and the other will censor less.
But the competitors have not been introduced correctly yet, so in true boxing - ring style we will introduce you to them. On the left side of the ring, wearing the shorts with the donkey is the man responsible for our presence here the INVENTOR of the internet. This man has helped wage war on four different countries and has overseen military operations elsewhere so he can truly claim he has combat experience.
Next to him his right hand man Joe Leiberman. The man who has sworn to protect us all from the evil that games will bring upon us.

In the far far right corner is a man who has become a legend in his own mind, The Texecutioner, with 140+ kills under his belt this competitor is as ruthless as they get. Despite missing a year of national guard duty, not cruel enough he said, he is made of steel. Brains are also included in the package he is promoting even though he just failed Fuzzy math 101. He enjoys all forms of white dust and mocking his victims, begging for life, during interviews. Famous for saying "who needs geography when we have nukes"
His right hand man, he needs it for support, is Dick Cheney, the man who was not afraid to speak out for Aparthaid when every one else was against it. The man who dislikes the violence in games but will fight for the right of every American to carry a weapon.

And an extra addition to the competitors is Harry Browne the Libertarian candidate who wonders if Bush or Gore would be better people if they had served ten years in jail for their "youthful indiscretions". To see some of the interesting ads he has prepared follow the link below.

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