Olympus 2207

Olympus 2207
1 Demo available for Olympus 2207, see below

Olympus 2207, while being more than just a yet another Fallout total conversion mod, is a post-nuclear game set somewhere in the US Silicon Valley. You take the role of one of the survivors of the global atomic war, taking shelter under an immense skyscraper that mysteriously survived the bombardment. Death or glory awaits... or is there no glory to claim?

Demo will take you environ 30-45 minutes and it will finish when you will escape the Tartarus, so do not be surprised !
During the demo you will meet with the locals, learn a little history of Tartarus, do some quests and get acquainted with the game mechanics. Although the demo is very short, each of the quests have multiple solutions, try to force your muscles, or the power of your mind!

And of course do not forget to say THANKS to EGALOR, who have translated the enormous amount of text !