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Once I Was Blind’ is an indie survival-horror game with a radically new approach to incorporating game aesthetics into core game play. The dedicated team behind the game aimed to provide an experience that was truly unique and fresh to the genre. The game revolves around a mysterious character who has become the subject of a sinister experiment in their perilous journey around the shadowy world. ‘Once I Was Blind’ seamlessly incorporates the use of sound perception to navigate through the murky and ominous terrain of the game world, delivering a unique and challenging experience to the player. Initially, the experiment appears to be successful but the eventual side effects begin to tap into an unknown sixth sense which allows the character to catch brief glimpses of spine-chilling phenomenon perhaps best left undisturbed. The game was produced using the Unreal Development Kit (UDK), but is unique in its aesthetics, embracing creative destruction and incorporating aspects of glitch art.

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