O.S.S: WW2 Operations

1 Freeware available for O.S.S: WW2 Operations, see below

You are Lieutenant James Hawkins, an OSS operative. Your mission is to investigate Nazi operations, secure their documents and destroy their plans. The game includes 10 action-packed missions, you will fight from France to Germany in 4 campaigns:
- Undercover Operation In Normandy, France, June 1944.
- Destroy The German Ammo Supply in Normandy, France, July 1944
- Find The Schedule For A Train Going To Germany And Stop It, Somewhere Near The France-Germany Border, September 1944.
- Infiltrate A Factory To Investigate A Nazi Secret Weapon, Germany, December 1944.

Game Controls:
W, A, S, D to move around
Mouse to look around
Left click for shooting, Right click for aiming
R for Reload
C for Crouching
O for Objectives
F to Use
Space to Jump

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