Pay Respects

Pay Respects Pay Respects Pay Respects Pay Respects

Experience true combat gameplay in a massive multiplayer war simulation. Deploying as a European soldier or a soldier from Al Qaeda, jump on the battlefield, fight in close, middle and long range combat all around the world.

About the game :

Pay Respects is a first person tactical shooter / war simulation game playable on windows 64 bits and Linux (coming soon).
With a simple, tactical and realistic Gameplay, Pay Respects is meant to agree to every type of players, as it returns to the fundamentals of the Hardcore First Person Shooter.
In Pay Respects you will fight in a fictive war, through the 21th century.
The gameplay is meant to be realistic, from the weapons, recoil, movements, sound gestion, voicechat to battlefields, Pay Respects is all about skills, reflexes and realism.
The game is based on the realism of operations and fights, and is quite inspired by games such like "Rising Storm" and "Arma", but made by an indie videogame studio :)

Features :
• In Pay Respects you will be able to play with many weapons, featuring : Rifles, SMG's, LMG's, Sniper rifles, Grenades, Motolov's, Grenade launchers and Knives.

• You will be able to play 4 classes, Assault, Recon, Support and Engineer, featuring their own weapons and styles of gameplay

• Weapon patterns are meant to be realistic, dispersion of bullets is random for the firsts shots and then follows an unique pattern for each weapon

• Bullet physics is also something pretty present in the game, close to the Insurgency's one, bullets draw a line for a certain distance before following a curve to the ground, it's also the same thing for explosions debris

• Pay Respects also fetures wind and explosion shockwaves physics, modifying the behaviour of the scenery, moving near objects and soldiers

• Every weapon / equipment has it's own weight which will affect the way you will be able to jump, run and walk silently

• Pay Respects features a VOIP system, and multiple chat systems in order to communicate directly in game with other players ( basic input : "P" )

• It also features an in-game friend system which allows you to directly join your friends operations within seconds

• Damages factors are spread all around the player's body, one bullet in the head and you will be down on the ground bleeding out, your armor plates can protect you from a 7.62 caliber bullet, but not for two

• You will be able to play four game-modes : TDM, CTF, FFA and Elimination ( Simulation and Domination coming soon )

• Featuring huge maps, and three vehicles : Jeep, Lada Niva and Armored vehicle, each are destroyable and can carry : 4 players (Jeep) and 6 players (Armored vehicle and Lada Niva), Helicopters coming soon

• Sound Processing is also compatible with 7.1, 8.1 headsets, with directional sound (e.g Dolby Atmos sound systems)

• Players really create and define the operations they want to play, these can be private or public, with a limited number of players etc...

• Operations can actually be played from 1vs1 up to 16vs16 on huge maps, but we are planning to set up 50vs50 or 100vs100 operations very soon

• Games are server-hosted so if the creator of the operation quits, the game continues, as long as there are players in the operation

• Pay Respects also features some AI through "bots" which you can activate or desactivate on the operation creation menu


Minimum system requirements :
- Intel core i3 / amd ryzen 3 1700
- 4gb of RAM
- 20gb of free space
- nvidia gtx 900 series 4gb/ amd radeon rx 400 series 4gb
- every type of screen
Recommended system requirements :
- Intel core i5 / amd ryzen 5
- 16gb of RAM or more
- 20gb of free space
- nvidia gtx 1070 8gb / amd radeon rx 580 8gb
- >> 16:9 screen
I hope to see you on the battlefield soldier !