Tetrisweeper Tetrisweeper Tetrisweeper

Can't decide whether to play Minesweeper or Tetris? Why not play both?

Tetrisweeper is an addictive and mind-bending fusion of two classic puzzle games, offering a refreshing twist that challenges your strategic thinking and reflexes in a seamless blend of block stacking and mine sweeping.

How to Play

You may be wondering how this horrifying amalgamation could possibly work, but it’s actually very simple! Tetrominos, which are geometric shapes made of four tiles, drop one-by-one from the top of the board. Each of these tiles acts like a Minesweeper square, with hidden mines you’ll have to locate. Completely fill a row and correctly flag or reveal each tile to clear it! Let the tower reach the top or click on a mine, and that's game over.

What looks like an impossible challenge is actually a surprisingly intuitive mash-up like nothing you've ever played before! Well... maybe a little bit like something you've played before.

Evolving Minesweeper

Solve a dynamic Minesweeper puzzle that grows and changes as you play! The fun never ends as you build your own Minesweeper board with strategically placed tetrominos. With quick thinking and careful planning, you can build the board so that you’ll never be forced into a random guess again! If you’re finding it hard to keep pace with the falling blocks, skilled block-placement can summon cleansed and mine-free tetrominos to help you catch up.

The developer's current High Score is 1,438,240 Points... can you beat my place on the Leaderboard?

Types of Lines and How to Get Them

  • Line Filled is when you fill a line with tiles, just like in normal Tetris
  • Tetris is when you fill four lines at once
  • T-Spin is when you fill a line by twisting a T tetromino into a tight space
  • Line Cleared is when you solve the minesweeper puzzle on a filled line, and cause it to be removed
  • Linesweep is when you clear a line that you just filled, before the next tetromino locks into place
  • Tetrisweep is when you clear all 4 lines in a 4-line tetris you just filled, before the next tetromino locks into place
  • T-Spinsweep is when you score a T-spin and clear every line that the T tetromino filled, before the next tetromino locks into place
  • Perfect Clear is when you clear the whole playfield without leaving any tiles behind.