Tooth and Claw

Tooth and Claw Tooth and Claw Tooth and Claw Tooth and Claw

Here, you're a Tiger, just a few weeks old your mother was trying to protect you against a bear and despite a valliant effort she unfortunately lost her life. Scared. cold, hungry and alone you where rescued by a wildlife protection agency who have put you in a sanctuary until you're big, smart and strong enough to make it in the vast open wilderness. Will you be a skilled hunter? will you have a mate and father your own cubs? will you get revenge for your mothers death? the path you take is not for the weak, can you survive?

FEATURES (so far, as of May 2019):
While this game is somewhat story driven, the story is placed within a vast, living/breathing open world where survival really is the key. Some features of the open world are as follows:
• Advanced animal AI, currently (mostly), deer for instance can see and hear you. They have there own complex patroling patters, eating, sleeping and they will even call out alarms to alert others of danger - these are going to be your main prey, so learn these creatures well.
• You'll need to stay hydrated and hygenic using the natual water available
• You will grow the more you eat and age, and actually see your tiger change
• You will obtain collectables hidden around the environment and gain real knowledge on Tigers
• You will use the complex soundscape, from animal calls, birds, water and more to your advantage
• Lots more!

But, the beauty of this game is, the simple story, the beauty of just being an animal and not thinking or worrying about the mostly superficial mundane tasks and wants of a human, maybe for people to move forward, we must take a few steps back and this game really aims to emphasize on these types of factors.