Void Call

Void Call Void Call Void Call Void Call

 "Void Call" is a retro-styled bullet hell made for the "Bullet Hell Jam 5" This game was made by LouieChapm and Lokistriker, with special help from Epicheezeness.


"This is your last chance" and yet I didn't care. 

The Prototype "R0-Z" was fell into the hands of "MAGNUM CA", a space paramilitary company whos interest oppose the company I worked for. I've been informed this prototype is the first working version of a time machine, a powerful weapon in anyone's hands. 

My job is to steal it. My mission, well... My mission is my own.

 I tire of these companies use that us as pawns in their little game and I've grown tired of this empty hellhole I hold no ties to. I wont let them have it and I don't care use it. I'll let the void take it. 


  • Z - Fire 
  • X - Focus mode 
  • C - Energy blade 
  • Arrows Keys - Movement 



  • Killing green enemies with your energy blade ( secondary fire ) calls in reinforcements, giving you more enemies to kill, and more XP to gain.
  • Killing enemies drops XP. Gather enough and your main gun will improve. Your multiplier increases 1x for each level you have.
  • Each enemy killed adds 0.01x to your multiplier, capping out at 0.99x
  • Point blank enemies to recieve more score
  • Max out the level, and enemy killing multipliers ( indicated bottom L and R ) to go into a hyper scoring mode!