Waiting for Daylight

Waiting for Daylight Waiting for Daylight Waiting for Daylight
1 Freeware available for Waiting for Daylight, see below

In the past week, we decided to scrap the log collecting and river bridging mechanics because players didn’t seem to enjoy that aspect of the game. In an attempt to add to the horror aspect of our game, we added a new enemy that stalks the player over a large portion of the map and cannot be killed. Because of the introduction of this new major antagonist, we tweaked the mechanics on the bat and coyote enemies to make them a little easier to kill. We also adjusted the map layout and added a tutorial scene to help guide the player better at the start of the game. We also switched to a grid-movement system in an effort to make movement more consistent. Going forward, if players seem to enjoy the existing mechanics and game progression, we will probably shift our focus to the game’s aesthetics. We might add some music and change our art to give a game a spookier feel. Things we would like to add: Better animations for enemies Better title screen / winning or losing screen.