Xfire Xfire Xfire


Xfire is a simple turn-based combat game with 2 teams competing. Each team can be either player or computer controlled. The goal is to eliminate the opposing team or alternatively in Capture the Flag mode, retrieve the flag from the centre of the level and return it to your team base.

There are three combat arenas, one for each difficulty mode.

Each team has three types of unit:

  • Light Drone - A small and fast unit with light armour and gun
  • Trooper - Standard infantry unit with fair stats all round
  • Heavy Mech - A slow but powerful unit able to take and deal substantial damage



Each team takes turns to move their units. Movement points are limited to the ability of the unit type. Fire points are allocated in a similar manner. Press <back> to cycle through available units and press <select> to activate. Move the unit around using the movement keys.

Upon encountering an enemy unit, the fire option becomes available. Press <select> when the enemy indicator alarm is sounded and shown. You can then cycle through available targets. Press <select> to fire or <back> to back out.

If a unit is damaged, it can spend 4 movement points regenerating 2 HP. This can be done multiple times per turn if movement points allow.

In cursor mode, you can cycle through your units, display a tactical map (scanner) or end your current turn.

There are power-ups and med/repair-kits scattered throughout each arena.


Controls - KEYBOARD

Z - select | X - back | Arrow Keys - move | ESC - pause
AZERTY keyboard users can use W/X
(Windows build)  ALT+Enter - toggle full-screen

Controls - GAMEPAD (Xbox style)

A - select | B - back | D-pad - move | select/back - pause


Known Bugs

Occasionally a computer-controlled unit may pass through another unit when moving.