Amnesia: The Streets Of London Full

Amnesia: The Streets Of London Full

Amnesia: The Streets of London is a fan-made sequel to Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs. It is from another point of view and branches it's own story.

-Installation Guide-

1) Move /London_files/ to your root Amnesia directory. Do not unpack to any of the subfolders.

2) Launch the mod using one of the following:

-TheStreetsOfLondon.bat (Windows)

-TheStreetsOfLondon.command (Mac OS X) (Linux)

Warning: There are some unavoidable crashes in the game(2 at the most) but the game automatically saves shortly before the crashes, it's only a matter of starting up from the latest save and you should be able to continue as normal, if any other crashes that are preventing you from playing completely, turn down your graphics settings and update your drivers. Weaker cards might work but some have experienced crashes.


Design by Ben O'Donnell

Writing by Logan Felber & Ben O'Donnell


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