Baldur's Gate III Trials of Tav - a roguelike mode Mod v1.3.1

Baldur's Gate III Trials of Tav - a roguelike mode Mod v1.3.1 Baldur's Gate III Trials of Tav - a roguelike mode Mod v1.3.1 Baldur's Gate III Trials of Tav - a roguelike mode Mod v1.3.1

Standalone Roguelike Game Mode: Test Your Limits in Battle.

Random Locations | Random Enemies | Random Loot | Special Unlocks | Scaling Difficulty | New Game Mode

Tired of all these roleplay elements in your combat game? You already know all the overpowered builds? Even honor mode is too easy for you? Don't look further, you just found the Roguelike mode mod - the ultimate test of skill and strategy. Will you brave the Trials of Tav?

NOTE:  This mod requires Norbyte's Script Extender & Baldur's Gate III Mod Fixer v1.0 to work properly.

This combat-only mode let's you fight waves of enemies in progressively harder encounters. Doing so will net you random loot with rarity-based drop rates as well as a RogueScore and currency used to unlock powerful power-ups.   

  • 250+ enemies
  • 38 maps
  • 100h of new gameplay
  • Works in multiplayer too!
  • Doesn't require you to go through tutorial or anything else: it just works! 


Designed to be played from a new save, you will be teleported to random maps and get to fight challenging encounters with enemies scaled to your level. The game can also be played on an existing save and your starting RogueScore will reflect your level. However, it will mess up your story progression. It can be played solo or with friends on any difficulty. Honor mode is recommended for the true roguelike permadeath experience, some additional enemies are also spawnable. You can recruit Origin characters, play only with friends or recruit hirelings. 

Try to get the highest RogueScore, unlock all the power-ups and go to NG+ to start again with an all-powerful party and all-new unlocks!

The Unlock/Power-up store interface (GUI): press U when in Roguelike mode to bring it up, or type !TT UI in the console

Caveats, please read:

  • The mod is safe to uninstall. However, its usage on a save will have lasting consequences. I do not recommend you start playing normally on the same save again. Since the mod is off by default, it will not mess up your other saves.  
  • Custom items need to be higher in the load order so they have a chance to drop as a reward. Common items won't drop. 
  • After 40 rogue score you can be teleported to an act 2 map, don't forget to unlock the pixie blessing before that! 
  • Origin characters are a bit clunky at the moment (it still works). We recommend you get hirelings at level 3. 

How to Play -

The mod is disabled by default and will prompt if you load a save.

If you selected no before and want to activate the Roguelike mode at a later point,
just choose attack dialog at Withers or type in !TT Activate in Console.

Select "Roguelike" mode to start (alternatively you can also choose your own battles from the GUI interface).

When leaving camp, the party will get teleported to a map and combat will start as soon as you move. After killing all the enemies, your hard-earned loot will drop and you will automatically get teleported back to camp, with your loot. Good luck!

Note: Although simple Rogelike config is preferred, you can also change your settings and select scenarios and maps manually from the GUI interface.

Change your settings and toggle Roguelike mode in Config tab

Play manually and select your scenario and prepare yourself for le epic fight


RogueScore: explained - 

- RogueScore is calculated in the following way: (5 + {Final Spawn Round}) - {actual combat rounds}where Final Spawn Round is the last round an enemy wave spawns in the current scenario. RogueScore is always between 1 and 5. 

Example: If the last enemy appears in round 8, then Final Spawn Round = 8. If the player completes the scenario in 10 rounds, then actual combat rounds = 10.

RogueScore = 5 + 8 − 10 = 3

- You get a Perfect Clear if the following is true: ({actual combat rounds} - 1) <= {Final Spawn Round}, i.e. if you complete the scenario one round after the last enemy wave spawns. If you get a Perfect Clear, your RogueScore is doubled. In Challenge Mode, perfect clear is achieved if you complete the scenario on the round the last enemy wave spawns.

Please report enemies that don't work well or at all. Name/GUID can be seen in the SE console: "[Info] Notify: Enemy ... spawned. Name_GUID"
Report items that should not drop e.g. if they are placeholders or buggy as items can drop that are not obtainable in the game by normal means.

Code on Github

Boring nerdy stuff - How it works:

  • I parsed through the games root templates and rated enemies in 6 different tiers based on hp/stats/level etc. So
    almost all enemies can spawn. (need to manually delete non functioning when i find them)
  • Loot can be all non-common items from the game with certain filters applied e.g. food/alchemy/scrolls/weapons/armor etc.
    Drop rates are divided by the games rarity definition. 
  • Maps are defined with a name, the main/party spawn point and multiple coordinates which represent the spawn points for enemies.
  • Scenarios are defined with a name, drop rates by rarity and a timeline - enemies by tier per round
  • Maps will be entered when the party leaves camp (See in game notifications)
  • Experience gain is adjusted and overall higher so reaching max level just by playing is possible

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