Battle of Crete 3.7.13 non steam ONLY!!!

Battle of Crete 3.7.13 non steam ONLY!!!

Mod based on real historical event during WW2 between May 20 and June 1 1941 as known as operation Mercury. There are two nations in the game presents - British Commonwealth and Germany.

Installation for non steam Winrar version:
Unzip (extract) file in Company of Heroes directory.
Create desktop shortcut for RelicCOH.exe, in shortcut properties in Target field add " -dev -mod Battle_of_Crete" (dont forget "space" before"-"), or run Battle of Crete(2.602).bat.

File information

File name: Battle_of_Crete_3.7.13.rar

File size: 310.29 MB

Mime type: application/x-rar; charset=binary