Battlefield 2 - Advantage Mod

Battlefield 2 - Advantage Mod

This mod for battlefield 2 will give you the upperhand in battle, changing everything from clip size to munitions load. "Near original game base (some extra maps provided by the EA community) with many tweaks for added fun and a refreshing change from the norm. A readme text file is available at the end of the install. We recommend you read this for current inclusions within the MOD. Modification to BF2 without effecting your normal game. It can be started via a desktop shortcut or by the 'Community' section of the game menu & includes a full uninstaller. Dedicated Server Installation also available. * More features for added fun. * Use BF2 Patch v1.5 * More maps. * Maps were tested and seem very stable. Unlike the 0.8 beta. Enjoy.

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