Blood in The West v1.4 Quickfix No#3 (requires #1 & #2)

Blood in The West v1.4 Quickfix No#3 (requires #1 & #2)

A Mount & Blade Warband modifications, set in Middle-Earth during the Third age, around the War of the Ring. The mod is set up in "ivanhoe-style", which means lots of cool units, heroes, mercenaries etc. Join whatever faction you want, let blood be spilled without limits, and defeat your enemies with the strenght of your arms and the might of your army!

This hopefully fixes the arms merchant's crash. AND: You can buy unique, heroic ancient weapons from the ex-booksellers, they're named Unique Weapon Merchants, search them in taverns for overpowered items. Install: 1, unzip 2, grab the files and take them to the MOD's folder and overwrite them. 3, START A NEW GAME.

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