Call of Duty: United Fronts v1.0 patch 3

Call of Duty: United Fronts v1.0 patch 3

This mod is intended to be the BIGGEST SP MOD for CoD ever! It Includes several SP custom maps, such as the Call of Duty Assault by gunrock and the Yourksirerifles campaign! (Maybe there will be even an omaha beach landing mod) This mod is intended to be for CoD UO...You will play both custom maps, CoD campaign and Uo campaign just by using CoD UO. It includes weapon models by MarcomiX and Ziegen. Scripts by pcj27 and zoltankai. Omaha Beach Landing map by antonio.horvatovic0 Enjoy!

This patch adds a new mission selection menu and implements missions that were originally not part of the campaign. Update: Made the difficulty menu pop up after clicking the mission select button so you don't forget to set the difficulty. Included optional file with WW2 menu music. Fixed some missing sound file errors that show up if you don't have the Overhaul Mod. Added Recruit difficulty to the New Game menu.


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