Dawn of War: Strongholds [v1.5.2] patch

Dawn of War: Strongholds [v1.5.2] patch

Are you a fan of Dawn of War's single player, but find yourself bored by the repetitive grind of most of the Soulstorm campaign? Are you looking for a more narrative experience than endless skirmish missions when playing as one of the many race mods available? If the answer to either of the above questions is yes, then this mod will be of interest to you. The Soulstorm: Strongholds mod unlocks all sixteen Dark Crusade and Soulstorm stronghold maps, allowing you to play them directly from the skirmish menu - cutscenes, objectives and all. More than that, though, it allows you to play using one of the many race mods currently available, in addition to the nine included with Soulstorm.

Some essential bugfixes for various missions this time round. Ensure you have v1.5.0 installed first (v1.5.1 patch is not required, but it won't hurt if you do have it already), then extract the contents of the zip file to your Soulstorm folder, overwriting files when prompted.

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