DMX 1.3.2 dkz02 1.4 Full

DMX 1.3.2 dkz02 1.4 Full

DMX is a now legendary Russian mod built on top of Narodnaya Soljanka or People Soup as it's often (mis-)translated. DKZ is an extension of DMX mod created by Darius K Zoot (dkz).

Complete DMX 1.3.2 dkz02 mod with all optionals and a SoC 1.0005 patch downgrader included. Ignore if you installed the 2-part version, there are no new changes in this release. Please see the included INSTALL README.txt file for installation details.

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File name: Narodnaya_Soljanka_DMX_1.3.2_dkz02_English_1.4.7z

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