The Elder Scrolls: Total War v2.0 All Full + Hotfix

The Elder Scrolls: Total War v2.0 All Full + Hotfix

"The Elder Scrolls: Total War" is a total conversion of Medieval 2 Total War - Kingdoms. It gives you a glimpse into the world of The Elder Sсrolls, as the head of one of the 20 factions fighting for dominance over Tamriel...

The Elder Scrolls: Total War v 2.0 standalone
Installation step by step:
- Draw The_Elder_Scrolls folder from rar archive to your Medieval 2 Total War/mods folder
- Use TESTW Launcher to start mod. If it works incorrectly, disable filed "read only" in Medieval2.preference.cfg (or use The_Elder_Scrolls.bat if launcher doesn't work)
- If you want to disable ReallyBadAi - Click options in TESTW launcher and take a mark от Disable ReallyBadAi field, save.
- If you have problems with UI glitching, go to The_Elder_Scrolls\Data\UI and delete,, files
- Copy and rename medieval2.exe to kingdoms.exe if you experience crashes in Steam version. You should have both these in game folder
- Use 4gb patcher to update BOTH kingdoms.exe and medieval2.exe
- Delete events.dat and events.idx in The_Elder_Scrolls\data\sounds

- If you still have crash while entering the mod, try to relaunch steam

- NOTE: you can't switch between campaign menus without crashing. Choose which campaign you will play BEFORE entering it's menu. Where is no solution to fix it

File information

File name: TESTW_2.0_updated.rar

File size: 5.19 GB

Mime type: application/x-rar; charset=binary