ELITE ver. 9.4 Full

ELITE ver. 9.4 Full

284 mb overhaul and complete mod for "STALKER SOC" wwv 1.0006, including many unique features - Multilanguage: Eng Ger(De) Fra Ita Esp Pol Cze - Compatible with GOG and STEAM versions - PDF Manual about the mod's content and easy/fast installation - No super suits, super weapons, easy money or useless addons - Many new events, multilingual vocal messages and some better texture - Very fast loadings time and many bug fixes - Very high (~perfect) stability - Best AI and smart, fast, hard, enemies - Best UI, with minimalist complete HUD and new detector - Dynamic weather, with Sun and Moon, higher lightness for better visibility and slow rotating sky - Anticheat combat view - New small parallel Monolith history - Accurate weapon info - Added mutants, vehicles and new weapons - Full body damage - 10 class suits - 5 player ranks - Sleep and dream mode on - Suits/weapons repairation - Optional packages in: new Compass, no Dvd for game start, UI ammos , ... - More ...

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