Fallout 3 - Vault 101 Revisited Mod v1.01

Fallout 3 - Vault 101 Revisited Mod v1.01

A vision of how Vault 101 might have developed in the aftermath of Trouble on the Homefront, when it reached the point at which it felt confident to open its door and establish contact with the Outside. This may not fit with your vision, but I hope you enjoy the story. There are four main quests, an introductory mini-quest, and three unmarked scavenger quests. This mod contains no nudity. There is sexually suggestive text and images, and some mild language, all well within the bounds of the official game. There are no significant evil alternatives until the final quest (which takes place outside Vault 101). Although your karma doesn't matter, the assumption is that if you install this, you intend to help Vault 101. Although many opponents will scale based on your level, the difficulty is intended to be above average, for well-developed characters seeking a challenge.

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