Fallout 4 Boon Island - Isles Of New England Mod v1.0.3

Fallout 4 Boon Island - Isles Of New England Mod v1.0.3 Fallout 4 Boon Island - Isles Of New England Mod v1.0.3 Fallout 4 Boon Island - Isles Of New England Mod v1.0.3 Fallout 4 Boon Island - Isles Of New England Mod v1.0.3 Fallout 4 Boon Island - Isles Of New England Mod v1.0.3 Fallout 4 Boon Island - Isles Of New England Mod v1.0.3

A brand new World Space based on a real-life island with a tragic history, found between Boston and Far Harbor. Brought to life with a fully voice lore-friendly quest, secluded island settlement with immersive repairs, a detailed ocean floor and much more. Featuring custom textures, sound effects, Music & animations.

The first chapter of The Isles Of New England series, Boon Island is a location/quest & settlement mod that takes the player to the forgotten shores of Boon Island, Maine, an unassuming lighthouse with a tragic history in real life, from shipwrecks, to cannibalism, fires, madness, deadly illness, and harrowing storms.

Aimed to fit seamlessly into the vanilla game with Easter eggs and references to the real life island. Rewarding for players who take a little extra time to look around. Featuring environmental storytelling and a backstory progressed through NPC dialogue, a handful of notes & radio broadcast.

    • A small but detailed new worldspace with a fully functional settlement, 3 minor locations, and many small points of interest along the ocean floor.
    • Custom Textures, Meshes and a custom Pipboy Map
    • A working animated Boat that will take you to the Island.
    • A brief Lore Friendly Quest with optional side objectives and a custom quest icon animation. 
    • Immersive repairs that allow the player to fix the broken buildings in the settlement.
    • Custom music selection featuring music from previous fallout games.(all music has correct permissions for use)
    • Balanced loot (mostly handled by leveled lists)
    • Custom weather selection featuring a blend of Far Harbor and Commonwealth weathers. 
    • Karma by Bp42s will be detected if installed and there will be Karma gain/loss depending on your choices.


How to Start

The official start to the quest is by using the boat to the east of Croup Manor Or the boat north west of the MS Azalea.

Once the brief quest is completed you will gain access to the settlement, And using the Lighthouse Control Terminal you will have options to, disperse the fog, Reduce the waves, turn on the lighthouse light and more.

All trash can be scrapped.

This location/quest is not combat focused so any player that can make their way to the east coast of the map will be able to complete the quest.

No perks are required at any point to progress the quests.

Installation and Requirement:

Install the main file with mod manager.

Far Harbor DLC is required.

This mod is not load order sensitive.

If Karma by Bp42s is installed in your load order it will be automatically detected and there will be Karma gain/loss depending on your choices during the quest.

Compatibility and Technical Info:
Boon Island does not make any changes to cells within the commonwealth or Far Harbor worldspaces, instead using "persistent" records for the boats found in the world. This means it will not conflict with any mods that affect precombines.

This mod also does not change any vanilla game records. This means compatibility is extremely high. The only chance of mod conflicts will be clipping objects if another mod adds objects into the same area we have placed the boats to the Island.

Anyone can make translations for this mod as long as credit is given and the original file is a required download.

File information

File name: Fallout4_BoonIsland_v1.0.3.rar

File size: 70.3 MB

Mime type: application/x-rar; charset=binary