Far Cry - SturmMODv1.2.1 - Caliban Edition Full

SturmMODv1.2.1 - Caliban Edition Full

Inspired by Tim Crouch's play "I, Caliban" and "Dear Esther" this new version of the mod lets players experience the island from Caliban's point of view and AFTER the events of the drama - thus, as your mission is what you make of it, reading or having read the book may help you to understand and to connect the fragments of memories scathered on the island.

Please make sure that your copy of Far Cry is patched to version 1.4 as
the scripts in the SturmMOD may not work with prior versions of the game !!

In order to install the mod, extract the "SturmMODv1.2" folder into the
"Far Cry/Mods" folder of your Far Cry installation. If there is no such
folder yet, create it before unzipping the archive.

In order to play the mod, either use the "SturmModv1.2.cmd" file in the
mod`s folder or choose it from the "Mods" menu in the Far Cry game menu.

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