Half-Life 2 - G String v1.0

Half-Life 2 - G String v1.0

Humanity is deeply in debt. - Worldwide economic collapse occurs followed by many assassinations of media/industrial moguls. - Refugees flood the West due to a devastating war in the Middle East and major earth changes in South-East Asia. - Marshall Law introduced in response to a chain of domestic terrorist attacks against major financial institutions. - Air becomes poisonous in major cities - The rise of air tycoons, owners of air recycling plants. - Anyone not purchasing a set amount of goods in a certain amount of time is labeled a nosumer and can be fined with refusal to stimulate the failing economy. Surveillance is everywhere. - As the old world is crumbling something new is coming into being. Many people are waking up to their true powers- their DNA changing somehow... - You, Myo Hyori- an 18 year-old girl of Korean descent, are one of them.


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