Medieval II: Total War: Kingdoms Expanded Unit Roster (EUR) Mod v1.5

Medieval II: Total War: Kingdoms Expanded Unit Roster (EUR) Mod v1.5

The Expanded Unit Roster mod initially began as a simple effort to port units from Third Age submods onto DAC v5 by Perry, the lead developer. Currently, the development team consists of three members and is expanding. The mod aims to enhance various aspects of the game, including game balance, UI design, and graphics for faction symbols and the main menu. Additionally, it introduces a range of new scripts and adds new factions to the game. Notable features include the EOPEDU expansion, which introduces new units that are currently not visible in custom battles. Garrison halls have been adjusted to no longer provide garrison units, instead offering free upkeep and law bonuses. Garrisons by script are now reserved for key cities if controlled by the AI. Other improvements include an auto-sort script for units, increased unit sizes for EOP units, and expanded ancillaries per general. Furthermore, certain factions like Dol Amroth are made non-playable, with their territories integrated in

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