MEUITM Anniversary Edition Full

MEUITM Anniversary Edition Full

Mass effect 1 Texture Overhaul, shadow engine fix, and visual effects enhancements.

Ideal pre-install steps to allow the mod and game to run properly:
**Don't install ME1 in the 'Program Files (x86)' folder (it can cause read-only and UAC issues and may prevent the game from launching once modded)**

0). Yes step zero. Install the game but don't run it yet. (you can still install the mod on a game that's been run this just is the ideal way to start)

Install vanilla Mass Effect but don't run it yet.

**This mod is not compatible with old MEUITM for file structure reasons. You need reset to vanilla before installing the new version, there is currently no way around this. If you don't the installer will abort as to avoid breaking your game**

1). Run Once.

Now we can run the game one time before doing any texture modding so all files are set up by the game it also builds the shader cache with the soft shadows. This is also a good time to go in and Max Out in-game graphics settings and choose your gaming resolution (use left and right arrows to see resolutions not displayed in the drop down in game menu). Also if you've never played Mass Effect before please run around a bit in vanilla so you can see what it is the mod is aiming to improve.
3). If you use Origin you must disable game auto updates, if you don't it will revert Mass Effect to vanilla textures.

Now we are ready to install the mod:
Happy 10 years of Mass Effect!

MEUITM Anniversary Edition is the new version of MEUITM, it uses MEM with a user friendly installer.
Benefits of MEM and the new installer:

Smaller download size, More localizations support (only textures are being installed), Improved performance, Perfect mipmap function, 2K texture option at the installer level for even more performance, and boat loads of new and revised textures.

Special thanks to Aquadran for MEM and all the support getting this going including the nice installer! Special thanks to CreeperLava for pointing me towards MEM, support, and all of the work on ALOT!
To install:

1) Extract the

2) From the extracted folder, run MassEffectModder.exe and click "install". (Optional) check the 2k box of your system has lower specs.

3)Follow any prompts but mostly kick back until it's done and then launch MassEffect.exe like normal.

File information

File name: MEUITMAnniversary2018.7z

File size: 2.77 GB

Mime type: application/x-7z-compressed; charset=binary