Minecraft - HD Texture Fix v2.2.0

Minecraft - HD Texture Fix v2.2.0

This patch only works with texture packs installed in your minecraft.jar, or that you install using the "Texture Pack" option on the patcher. If you just have your textures in the same folder as your Minecraft app/launcher, the patch will not work. The texture pack selector inside of Minecraft is not supported, but may work.

0. Open Minecraft and switch to the default textures.
1. Download and run the latest file for your OS below.
2. If the file fields are not automatically filled in, hit the top browse button and find your minecraft.jar
3. Hit the browse button next to "Texture Pack" and find the .zip file for the texture pack you want to use.
4. Click patch.
5. When it's done, click Test Minecraft. If it doesn't work, follow the instructions at the top of this post. If it does, you can launch Minecraft normally.

File information

File name: mcpatcher-2.2.0.exe

File size: 1.04 MB

Mime type: application/x-dosexec; charset=binary